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How to nail blended working

Leodis Square offers quiet areas with plenty of charging points and table space so residents have somewhere they can work productively.

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After long periods working remotely, it became apparent there is no substitute for face-to-face contact, when it comes to collaboration, innovation and problem solving, which is why many organisations have embraced the concept of ‘blended working’, with meetings and collaborative work taking place in the office on agreed days, with the flexibility to work from home on others.

Leodis Square offers quiet areas with plenty of charging points and table space so residents have somewhere they can work productively if they need a change of scene from their apartment, and we also have some other simple tips to help you set boundaries between home and work.

Setting up the ideal working environment at home

To make it easier to switch into work-mode, dedicate a quiet space away from distractions (such as the TV or fridge) if you can, and invest a bit of time in making your workspace a pleasant environment to increase both motivation and enjoyment.

Our on-site workspaces all have plenty of plants, artwork, and other sources of sensory stimulation, like lamps and soft furnishings which have all been shown to reduce stress, improve the ability to concentrate and boost productivity.

If you’re working from home on a regular basis, it’s also worth talking to your employer about investing in a chair with good back support, as back ache doesn’t just impact on your time at work, but your time at the weekend too.

Set and stick to a routine

It seems like stating the obvious, but setting clear guidelines and having a daily routine are essential to maintaining a good work-life balance.

Getting up at your usual time and taking a walk or doing some exercise when you’d usually be commuting can help your mental and physical health and keep you motivated. Also, setting timescales for when you start and finish work, as well as times to avoid your work computer give important structure to your day, and creates a distinction between work and home life.

Get outside

Whether it is giving yourself twenty minutes at lunchtime, or in the evening, sitting out on your balcony if you have one, and getting outside of your apartment not only helps to break up your day, but is proven to benefit mental and physical wellbeing and can improve sleep.

Be kind to yourself

Above everything else, be kind to yourself. Make sure you take time to do things you love outside of work, and when you feel you aren’t being productive, take a quick break.

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